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The Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction (S2S) Project is a proposed WWRP/THORPEX/ WCRP joint research project.

The main goal of the S2S project is to improve forecast skill and understanding on the subseasonal to seasonal timescale, and promote its uptake by operational centres and exploitation by the applications community. Specific attention will be paid to the risk of extreme weather, including tropical cyclones, droughts, floods, heat waves and the waxing and waning of monsoon precipitation.

The S2S data portals provide the S2S data freely with a 3-week delay only for research and education purposes. For details, visit the S2S Project Office website or the ECMWF S2S website. Forecast products in the S2S Museum are updated everyday, with a 3-week delay, and are available for non-commercial use.

The S2S Museum is operated for a promotion of utilization of the S2S data by Dr. Mio Matsueda (University of Tsukuba).

The TIGGE Museum is also open!

The Copernicus Museum has been just opened!  New!

Information about the operational extended-range Ensemble Prediction Systems (EPSs)

S2S products  Updated every day with a 21-day delay!
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